Consultancy & Research

Consultancy & Research

Disaster Resilient & Research Foundation (DRRF) offers to be a one-stop knowledge and information resource platform pertaining to Disaster Management and Geospatial technology. Understanding natural and manmade disasters is one of the key ingredients contributing towards pre and post disaster scenarios including geospatial. DRRF offers specialised consultancy in Disaster Risk Management & Mitigation. We also provide guidance in Disaster Management project and preparation of Disaster Management Plan

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Disaster Management Plan

Disaster management plans are all about planning ahead. You have to think about what could go wrong in a disaster and develop protocols to address those issues. A disaster is a catastrophic situation in which suddenly, people are plunged into helplessness and suffering and, as a result, need protection, clothing, shelter, medical and social care and other necessities of life. The Disaster Management Plan is aimed to ensure safety of life, protection of Environment, protection of installation, restoration of production and salvage operations in this same order of priorities. Creating a successful disaster management plan is all about remembering your priorities. If you prioritize employee safety, developing a plan should come easily.

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Mock Drills

Sensitization of employees is highly essential considering the fact of emergency like fire, chemical disaster, flood, cyclone, tsunami, or earthquake or any such untoward incidents having the potential to cause injury and death. The activities in response to deal with depend on the type of emergency. However, most of the times organizations in times of emergency or during the life-threatening hazardous situation, find themselves at the back foot, due to lack of resources or lack of coordination or lack of clarity of roles among the stakeholders.

The objective of mock drill is to review the emergency preparedness plan of the organization and evaluate the quality of standard operating procedure, so that concerned persons deliver their duties effectively while keeping in cognizance of life and property. When we conduct mock drills, it is helpful for strengthening our capacity to cope with disasters and to minimize the impacts of the disasters. The reason mock drill should be conducted is to inculcate the vibes of emergency preparedness, optimum utilization of resources, mobilization of coordinated activities, and related aspects after identifying the gaps.

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Search, Rescue & Evacuation

Relief measures are the immediate. need in the post-disaster scenario, Especially When infinite victims are affected, and their locations are not clearly known. In such type of circumstances, search, rescue, and evacuation processes are carried out immediately after the disaster has struck a certain area or zone. The process of identifying the location of disaster victims who may be trapped or isolated and bringing them to safety and providing them with medical attention. The basic aim of search, rescue and evacuation is to ensure the survival of the maximum possible number of victims. A plan is worked out with the help of local people through aerial surveys and then appropriate steps are taken by the various teams involved to carry out the operations.


Disaster Resilient & Research Foundation (DRRF) is a non-governmental organization created with a specific focus on building and strengthening disaster-related user organizations and individuals toward adoption and assimilation of geospatial technologies, as well as proposing to partner with domain-specific capacity development institutions for training in emerging tools and techniques in geospatial information with a specific focus on development programs and initiatives.

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